The Making Music Ridiculously Easy Course

Announcement for my wonderful singers, songwriters, and beginners out there:

Music is so amazing. It’s pours passion into the soul and enriches the mind… But it’s also really freaking HARD sometimes!

It should be every musician’s goal to master it’s technical aspects in order to be truly limitless in their ability to write fantastic songs, play to their full potential, and give legendary performances that move the heart.


Look, here’s something I always find myself thinking about: we all have to start at the beginning.

In any skill, even the masters were once newbies at one point in time. 

For me, I can remember starting out on piano and being completely flustered by a kid’s book song with only a handful notes in it.

I can remember watching my guitar teacher transcribe songs by ear and wondering how anybody, anywhere could EVER do that.

The solution is simple: before we do anything else, we have to learn how music itself works.


My Credentials

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a Berklee College of Music Alumnus, a piano/guitar teacher, and I’ve even made it to a #25 on national indie radio with one of my songs.

I literally have a lifetime of music behind me- my first piano lessons, writing songs, learning to play completely by ear as well as through sheet music, learning a handful of different instruments, being in various musical projects, studying at a college, teaching… It’s a huge part of who I am.


Where Most People Go Wrong

The way I always phrase it is like this: you wouldn’t dream of trying to learn a language by picking up a foreign dictionary and going through it one word at a time!! 

No- you learn the fundamentals of the language first: how sentences are structured, how to say basic phrases, how to conjugate verbs… the miscellaneous vocabulary is the LAST thing you learn.

In music though, this isn’t how it’s taught. Sure we might learn some random bits of information, but there’s no context at all and it ends up just being kind of vague and confusing. This is crazy to me!


Master Level

Learning this technical stuff really breaks the chains. It allows you to take your knowledge to other instruments, to write music effortlessly, to improvise…

And my favorite is the fact that now I really do hear music like a language. Just by listening to a song I can know the melody notes and chords they’re using before I even sit at an instrument. It’s pretty cool 😉

Again, I know I’ve said this- but you can do all this without having to TOUCH sheet music.

And I’m able to write music that moves people, here’s a quote someone literally sent to me completely unprovoked:

“You officially just received a biggest fan. I haven’t heard anything like it. You’re a genius, everything you write- whether it be musically or lyrically-  it’s gold… And I’m honestly honored… to get to hear the music you make.”
– D.D., New Jersey, USA


With that said, let’s finally get to the announcement.

Today- I’m offering you the complete “Making Music Ridiculously Easy” course.

Again, just follow along with the videos in the course, and learn a step-by-step process for understanding how music works.

It took years to figure out all this stuff out on my own, it took tons of work to go to the next level at Berklee, and now you get the chance to use my experience as a shortcut.

As a bonus, I’m throwing in the extras module- which includes a songwriting primer video, an ear training primer video, and a sheet music primer video, just to name a few.

Right now the course is going for $100 (just think, for a music teacher you’d pay that every other WEEK)

Last thing I’ll say is that if you give this course a shot, and you don’t feel like you got anything out of it… then I’ll personally give you a full refund!


So if you’re ready to “make music ridiculously easy” (I know, I just had to say it) then click the link below, where you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page.


Take care, and enjoy the course!